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It is now clear that the Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history. Trump is the latest critic to say the foundations plan to bar foreign and corporate donations if Clinton is elected president in November, which was announced Thursday, doesnt go far enough. from Clintons Campaign Manager Defends Foreign Foundation Money The Clinton campaign has responded by seeking to portray her as more committed to transparency — and to charity — than Trump is. The Clinton Foundation is a charity that helps people around the world. Its already announced major steps itll take if Clinton wins, tweeted Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon after highlighting a New York Times report Saturday that Trumps business interests owe at least $650 million, double what is indicated in his public election filings, and that lenders include the Bank of China and Goldman Sachs. Trumps businesses exist to enrich himself, involve a web of shady connections, & still he hasnt committed to divesting his holdings, Fallon said. A representative for the foundation didnt immediately respond to a request for comment. Leading Republicans arent the only ones saying the foundations plan falls short. The GOP has sought to characterize the charity as a pay-to-play scheme that allowed wealthy donors and foreign governments to influence Clinton when she was the top U.S. diplomat from 2009-2013. from Obamas Transgender Bathroom Policy Blocked by Federal Judge Itd be impossible to keep the foundation open without at least the appearance of a problem if Clinton is elected, said former Governor Ed Rendell, a Pennsylvania Democrat who supports Clinton, according to a New York Daily News story published Saturday. The foundation should stop taking donations and, if Clinton is elected, it should shut down, the Boston Globe editorial board said Tuesday.

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