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Gonzalo, what makes you angry about all of the talk about your weight and your belly make you angry? “Nothing. On the contrary, it is best that people say it before games because it means that I’m going to score every time.” So, you have no problem [with it]? “When it comes to criticism, I don’t care. I’ve never had any doubt about my qualities.” How are you these days then? “I’m fine. I’ve trained hard for 20 days but I can always improve. Always. That’s what I want to do. pop over hereHere at Juve I’m very happy. why not find out moreI made a choice that wasn’t easy but at the same time, I’m sure I made the right one.” [fncvideo id=377749] You were cheeredon during your warm-up, cheeredon to the field and cheeredeven louder when you scored.

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