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interview body language

UCLA has one of the most vibrant and robust Jewish communities of any college campus in the United States. So why is it that this university has been labeled anti-Semitic and even unsafe? Well, its complicated. The UC system was targeted more than a decade ago by anti-Israel activists for a pernicious community-organizing effort with one goal: to delegitimize the Jewish state. Activists strategically built relationships that are now bearing fruit, not just at UCLA, but around the country on nearly every major campus. Hiding behind attractive concepts such as justice and human rights lurks a movement that denies Israels right to exist. As BDS advocate Ahmed Moor stated succinctly: BDS does mean the end of the Jewish state. The resulting BDS programming now attacks Israel and its supporters year after year. The UC system is no longer unique. This is a nationwide problem. The most recent tactic attempts to defame student leaders who take pro-Israel or even neutral positions. case against Milan Chatterjee echoes the intimidation and questioning of former UCLA students Rachel Beyda, Lauren Rogers, Sunny Singh, Avinoam Baral and Avi Oved in recent years. Some of those cases even involved illegal email hacking and the leaking of private information. these events, Jewish life and pro-Israel activism at UCLA is secure and thriving, and has only grown stronger as a result of Jewish students impassioned response. Nevertheless, the current tenor of the anti-Israel campaign on campus is absolutely unacceptable, and Id like to share some humble suggestions for how you can help: 1. Continue to send us your most passionate, well-educated Jewish students.

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interview body language

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