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tips for job interview

Alumni Association of the University of Michigan / Frdayd Partnership Having one of the largest alumni bases in the world, part of the Alumni Associations mission is to offer professional and career development to its members. Now in addition to the Alumni Associations services, such as resume and cover letter review, interview prep, preferred career coaching, career assessment, and more, the Alumni Association, through its partnership with Fridayd, is providing an innovative and more powerful employment search solution that goes beyond what typical job search and aggregation boards deliver. Fridayd optimizes and accelerates the job search so users can land their dream job faster. With Fridayd, job seekers receive not only highly relevant matches for their job search criteria that are adaptive and continuously refined over time. They also get relief from the tedious, tactical burdens of a job search. Fridayd is the employment seekers virtual assistant, applying to jobs, monitoring progress and tracking job search processes all in one place for the user. Additionally, job seekers dont go it alone in their search. Fridayd users may choose to have a dedicated specialist support them through the job search experience. We founded Fridayd because we saw that the job search industry was broken and hadnt evolved beyond aggregated job boards that emerged over a decade ago, said Carlos Paz, CEO and founder of Fridayd. Traditional approaches of serving up recommended job results do not live up to the job seekers expectations, and the job seeker is left to do the brunt of the work including the time-consuming labor of applying to jobs, which often requires monotonous and repetitive uploading of resumes, completion of applications and forms and trying to track efforts across multiple job boards. Weve fixed that and are excited that University of Michigan alumni will be able to boost their job search productivity while decreasing effort and time. On average, Fridayd saves job seekers 40 hours a month, equal to an entire workweek of time.

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tips for job interview

Let´s say your are having an interview. It can be everything as a bad bar of shoes or just cloth that is dirty. Furthermore, one should thank the employer for considering him/her for the particular job position. But don’t put on too much make-up or perfume before going to the interview. A few words about Hygiene: To look clean and fresh is also very important! The candidate should state that he has relevant qualification for the post for which he has applied, he is a team man and for him work is more important than money but it should not be overstated. So, please avoid it. If by any chance one does not receive any response from the employer, it is appropriate to contact the employer regarding one s interview decision. Answers should be precise and to the point. To avoid this kind of mistake, it is much easier to call the company and ask them about the dress code.

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