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interview skills

A lot of recruiters think there are too many problems in the banlieues,” says Hammouche, who founded Mozaik. “Our goal is to destroy those stereotypes, to make recruiters think, why not recruit in the banlieues? His strongest selling point at least for the company CEOs and government ministers who have lent Hammouche their ears is that his strategy makes economic and social sense. In fact, it could offer solutions to two of Frances most pressing problems: sluggish growth and the economic inclusion of ethnic and religious minorities here. Recommended: More than Bastille, Bonaparte, and brie: Test your knowledge of France with our quiz! medical interview prep questionsThe unemployment rate is about 25 percent for youths throughout France, but can reach as high as 45 to 50 percent in the banlieues. It is hard to break that down, as France does not keep statistics on ethnicity or race. But some of the disparity comes down to simple prejudice. The Paris-based Montaigne Institute last fall studied religious discrimination, and showed that for five CVs that someone with the name Michel sent to score an interview, Mohammed needed to send 20. Photos of the Day Photos of the day 10/26 In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, carried out by Muslim radicals from the outskirts of Paris who were born in France to immigrant parents, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls spoke of geographical, social, and ethnic apartheid. A recent report from France Strategie states that the French economy could gain 150 billion euros over 20 years if it eliminated workplace discrimination based on gender and ethnic identity. The study estimates France could see a 6.9 percent gain of its GDP during that time frame if it broadened access to jobs. Ludovic Demierre, director of human resources and diversity development of VINCI, a multinational concessions and construction company headquartered outside Paris, says he sees Mozaik as a recruitment firm that helps the company in its goals to diversify not as an nonprofit with a social goal.

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interview skills

”I just wanted to follow up with you. The Interviewer’s Hidden Agenda The following are some typical concerns interviewers have, which you need to address when answering questions. Don’t tell what you might do; tell what you did. 3.  What the interviewer really wants to know: can you do the job? What communication style do you prefer? What is the company’s management philosophy? This is NOT an indication of how well they could do the job, although it may tell you something about their fit with the team. It is usually a good idea to ask a few questions about the organisation or role at this point.

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