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Our Guide to Quirky Gifts To deliver power to hungry smartphones and gadgets in transit, FuelRod vending stations in almost two dozen U.S. airports and a medical school interview makeup couple of international ones dispense portable chargers for around $20 that can be swapped out repeatedly for a fully charged replacement in another airport or in a variety of malls, hotel lobbies, convention centers, and theme parks. And, starting last month, passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport have been able to purchase fresh salads and healthy snacks in clear, recyclable jars from the Farmer’s Fridge vending kiosk on Concourse F in Terminal 2 (next to a shoeshine stand). Two additional Farmer’s Fridge kiosks are scheduled to be installed at O’Hare’s Terminal 3 by the end of December. Like the company’s 50-plus vending machines in town, the Farmer’s Fridge kiosk at O’Hare has a touchscreen menu offering a selection of meals made with organic and locally sourced ingredients for between $7 and $12. The machine is restocked nightly during the week, with unsold items pulled and donated to area food pantries, said Farmer’s Fridge spokeswoman Beth Somers. “On weekends the machine’s smart technology only allows it to sell food items, such as trail mix, that have a longer than one-day shelf life,” she said. “Airport vending machines don’t have to be synonymous with chips and chocolate bars, said Raymond Kollau, Trend Analyst and Founder of , and Farmer’s Fridge is being creative by using a vending machine “to combine the food trends of local, healthy, authentic and convenient.” Related: How to Avoid Price Hikes over the Holiday Travel Period Farmer’s Fridge jars are part of a recycling program. Harriet Baskas Beyond the novelty of selling salads from a machine, the Farmer’s Fridge concept could catch on because, like the ZoomSystems retail machines now offering passengers Best Buy, Benefit Cosmetics, and other products in airports, automated retail can monetize various corners and sections of airports, said Ramon Lo, publisher of Airport Revenue News. Lo can see the salad-vending concept spreading to other airports.

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Higher prices meant the tablets cost Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) about 70 million pounds ($87 million) last year, up from about 522,000 pounds previously, the CMA said. The company raised prices of 10 mg hydrocortisone tablets by more than 12,000 percent compared to the price they were sold at by another company before April 2008, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said. It raised the price of 20 mg hydrocortisone tablets by nearly 9,500 percent, the CMA said. The 10 mg tablets which cost the NHS 0.70 in April 2008 cost 88 by March 2016, it found. The tablets are used for hormone replacement therapies in people whose adrenal glands do not produce sufficient amounts of natural steroid hormones. Pharmaceutical companies have faced regulatory scrutiny recently for buying smaller companies and then raising their prices many fold. The CMA fined Pfizer Inc 84.2 million pounds for ramping up the cost of an epilepsy drug by as much as 2,600 percent. Actavis UK’s former parent Allergan Plc was created by a $66 billion merger that saw Dublin-based Actavis acquire Botox maker Allergan Inc in November 2014 and change its name to the latter. ( ) Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries bought the company in a deal that closed in August. The CMA said its findings were provisional and it would consider representations of the parties under investigation before determining whether the law had been infringed.

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