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The 18-year-old ran away from an abusive situation at home when she was only 8, suffered in her first foster placement and made some bad decisions during her early adolescence that threatened her academic career. But with support from the woman who became her guardian, her community of faith and the help of Treehouse a Seattle nonprofit organization founded in 1988 by social workers dedicated to helping foster kids she says she is now focused clearly on the future. Woods, who recently graduated from high school, is working as many hours as she can at a high-end department store and applying to colleges and internships with the goal of working one day as a computer programmer. ABOUT THIS SERIES Each year, The Seattle Times Fund For The Needy raises money for a group of charities that help children, families and senior citizens. Throughout the fall and winter, The Times is telling how the 12 organizations make a difference in the lives of thousands, and the impact donors can make. For thousands of seniors, a simple ride to the doctor becomes a lifeline from Sound Generations Im not going to play the victim, she said in a recent interview. What my past was isnt who I am today. Woods earliest years as the only child of a single mother were good, she says. interview skills melbourneAlthough her tiny family struggled financially, she and her mother were close and took joyful day trips to Alki Beach, downtown Seattle and Woodinville. But her mothers mental health deteriorated, and Noel knew something was wrong. http://lovechasehayes.redcarolinaparaguay.org/2016/08/05/getting-the-answers-for-details-of-careerWhen she was in elementary school, she ran away from home, told officials at her school what was going on and was taken into state custody that same day, she said.

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