Some Helpful Tips On Finding Factors Of Guidance For Medical Interview

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guidance for medical interview

Image: State Rep. Armando Martinez My wife came over, gave me a kiss and wished me a Happy New Year.” When she pulled away, that is when the stray bullet pierced Martinez’s skull. “I felt like I got hit by a sledgehammer,” Martinez said. “I ducked and then walked into the garage to get some ice. I was in a lot of pain. When my wife took a picture and said there was a hole, I knew it was a bullet.” Martinez said he is “incredibly grateful” to the Weslaco firefighters and local paramedics for helping him get to a local hospital. A trauma and neurosurgeon removed a .223 caliber bullet from Martinez’s head in a 45-minute medical procedure. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is working on locating the source of the bullet, which could have come from a person firing a gun in the air two blocks away. Extra resourcesRELATED: Supreme Court Upholds Wide Reach of U.S. Gun Ban for Domestic Violence “I was extremely lucky,” Martinez said. “My surgeons said if it went a couple more millimeters deeper, I may not have been able to have this conversation right now.” Martinez, who was born and raised in Weslaco, explained that hearing gunshots from surrounding ranches during celebrations was common as he grew up. Over the years Weslaco’s population has grown larger and denser, which has made some people nervous about their children playing outdoors during times like New Year’s.

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